Umar and Umair Khan better known as the Khan Twinz , Are identical twins. They are known for their viral posts on social media notably Instagram. Their interaction numbers exceeded the expectation levels and have since been approached by many agencies and businesses to endorse and represent brands all over the world.


Originally from Pakistan, Umar and Umair have taken a short but effective step on the way to the entertainment industry. They are naturally entertaining, and very talented. In 2017 the twinz were both signed to Chelsea FC after winning Asian footballers of the year in an annual competition held by the arguably one of the biggest Football clubs in the world. The boys have a huge passion for football and still one-day hope to become professional footballers. In November 2017 they were signed by management agency Stars Agency


The handsome siblings have quickly earned a cult following and have a very good appeal. A single photo can easily surpass a few thousand views and hundreds of comments in one day. It is evident that people enjoy their unique interaction. Umar and Umair are now taking their twin act to a different screen by pursuing Youtube and other projects. As male twins, they believe they have something unique to offer this new audience. The Khan Twinz hope they are no longer two of the best kept secrets in the entertainment industry. The twins are on the rise.